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Welcome to my website! You may find yourself in need of support and have gathered the courage to reach out. Well done for making this step on your therapeutic journey. I am here to listen and support you. You may find that your previous coping strategies are no longer working for you, or you may wish to unpack experiences that have negatively impacted your life. Wherever you find yourself today, I will work with you so that you can explore your obstacles and reach the outcome that you hope to achieve.

About Me

Prior to training as a counsellor, I was a support worker, helping vulnerable and elderly people in their homes and assisting them in their wish to maintain an independent life. A big part of this role was being a confidant and listening to their inner worries about life, death and everything in between. Having always wanted to train as a counsellor, I initially trained alongside my work, eventually committing to a university counselling degree, full time. In my new role as a counsellor I spent 3 years working for a charity, helping the most vulnerable in society. ​I continue to work in the third sector alongside private practice. I help people from all walks of life to overcome various challenges including the impact of trauma, childhood adversities, anxiety, depression and bereavement. I have a professional interest and lived vicarious experience with addiction, self harming and neurodiversity. ​I will offer you a caring and compassionate space where we can explore your concerns and worries. We will work together to find a way to help you move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and contentment.

Counselling Services



Pastures Avenue,

St Georges,

Weston Super Mare

BS22 7SB


    Opening Hours

    Mon - Fri

    8:00 am – 8:00 pm

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